The Mark O. Hughes Collection of Books on Golf Architecture

Mark traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe his entire adult life.    The one constant in all of his travels was playing golf at the best courses he could get too from where ever he was.   Pebble Beach was his favorite and the last course he visited before he died.   More than anything he enjoyed walking the courses and admiring their beauty.   He was fascinated and inspired by the art of their course designers.

The last 20 years of his life he put together an extensive library of books on golf architecture.   It is full of modern high spots such as a publisher’s presentation copy of Bauer’s “Hazards” with an original print, the special subscriber’s edition of “Introductions by Bernard Darwin”, a first edition of Hay Chapman’s “Law of the Links” printed in San Francisco in 1922, a first printing of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, and, of course, the limited edition of Berry’s “Scotsman’s Dream” printed at the Arion Press.

Hopefully the reader can find as much in this catalog to enjoy as Mark did with his books.