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Fairfax Downey, When We Were Rather Older

Downey, Fairfax, Decorations by Jefferson MacHammer, When We Were Rather Older,  Minton, Balch & Company, [NY],  1926, [xxii] 1-98 pages A good copy, stamped cloth binding rather worn, label roughly removed from front free end page, previous owner’s bookplate. 8”x5”.  Lacks dust jacket. Downey graduated from Yale where he was editor of the campus humour magazine The Yale […]

Westvaco Christmas Classics

The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company was founded in Piedmont, West Virginia in 1889 and was known for its brilliant white paper.   After WWII, the company turned to the production of packaging materials and a line of high-quality printing papers.   Starting in 1958, to advertise the quality of its paper, Westvaco started producing a Christmas annual of […]

Samuel R. Delany and Marilyn Hacker, QUARK/[1-4]

An important and influential quarterly of Speculative Fiction edited by Samuel Delany and his then wife, the poet Marilyn Hacker in 1970 and 1971, complete in all 4 published volumes. “The editors have tried to display the finest work of both new and established authors, whatever it’s imaginative substance, structure or texture.” Delany, Samuel and Marilyn Hacker, QUARK/1, […]